We call assertiveness a communication strategy that allows us to defend our rights and express our opinion directly, freely and clearly from the respect of oneself and others.

An assertive person knows how to say “no” and has the ability to show their opinions and thoughts clearly. The assertive person expresses understanding towards the visions, feelings and demands of the rest of the people with whom they relate. In addition, they also know what their own rights are and defend them by trying to reach an agreement.

How to analyze assertiveness at work?

Assertiveness in the workplace can be confused with aggressiveness or hostility. But nothing comparable to those concepts, since assertiveness is based on respect. Therefore, being assertive is to know and defend as good as possible the rights that one has as an individual and citizen, without attacking those of others. In turn, it is also an antagonistic term to passivity, which just leaves the decision in the hands of others.

Benefits of assertiveness at work

In the workplace, as in personal life, talking about behavior that bothers us or for which we complain, or expressing our views or feelings, is not a bad thing. In fact, we just want to have our right to be heard and respected by others.

Assertiveness within work urges us not to remain silent and to transmit our discomfort to higher command. For example, if we have prepared a job for a long time and in a meeting no mention is made of it, we must talk to our boss and make him see that our work is valued. It is not necessary to be angry or speak badly, but to express our demotivation to a work that we consider has not been valued to the extent.

Improve communication

Sometimes, we prefer to keep quiet and avoid giving opinions, and we act passively. But this is not a solution to the problems, since it can involve the sum of anxiety and frustration, and can even “burst” with an exaggerated action. To maintain a good work environment, it is advisable for everyone to feel that they can express themselves freely.

Gain self-confidence

It is clear that working assertiveness daily is also a form of personal growth and can help us in the professional field. As people, we improve our confidence and it helps us face problems in a more positive way.

Qué es la asertividad y cómo te beneficia laboralmente

Express our emotions

In the world of work, as in personal life, it is vital to control our emotions and to prevent them from controlling us. It is necessary to know how to express them correctly and calmly, since it will serve us notably in our labor relations.

Avoid confrontation

It is not strange that there are people who have respect and even fear to express their opinion because they believe that this can cause a conflict and live aggressive situations. But if we rely on assertiveness, it will teach us to express ourselves constructively without provoking or disturbing anyone.