Do you feel that you can’t decide to undertake?

After so much time training, would you love to dedicate yourself to it but have not quite decided to take the step?

Would you like to start your project but you always end up leaving it for later?

Do you take refuge in continuing to do courses or small actions without real strategy but you haven’t just moved on to real action?

Do you always find a reason to park your dreams for “better moments”?

Do you feel insecure of yourself to undertake?

If you have been wanting to create your project for a long time, but between one thing and another you can’t quite find the time to really get on with it, it is very likely that it is indeed a matter of insecurity.

Behind these reasons and insecurities, many times what we find is a lack of clarity.

You are not sure if you are going to be capable, if it will work out, how you are going to do it, if it is the best time to get on with it…

Surely you have a lot of ideas in your head that you need to structure or maybe your situation makes you not entirely clear where to start, the biggest obstacles you have …

If you have many questions hanging over your mind, it is difficult for you to take action, because you will not know where to start, what is the priority, what to work on.

How to fix it? The first thing is to be very clear if it is your time to undertake, and to know what are all the elements that you have in your favor and against you to see what you have to work on and what you can use.

An analysis, concrete and focused.

And once done, decide what to do with that information, to abandon the paralysis due to excessive analysis.

And from there you can draw up an action plan with the first steps of your venture.

How can you do this analysis of your situation?

I propose that you address 4 main areas

First. What are your internal spoilers?

This mainly includes your thoughts and beliefs that keep you paralyzed.

Beliefs can be of different types. You may think that undertaking is very difficult for you or in your situation, or directly impossible.

Or that you think you are not capable, that you are not sufficiently trained or prepared.

You may even think you don’t deserve it.

It is important to identify all these internal spoilers, because if you don’t have your entrepreneurial mindset well worked out, the rest of the things you do won’t matter.

Because you will end up self-sabotaging, you will continually hinder yourself, you will not be making decisions from the right place, since you will do so from fear and from the belief of your own limitations.

The second. What difficulties do you have in your environment?

What are those obstacles that you have in your environment that are not favoring the development of your business, that make you not start.

It could be financial difficulties, dependence on another job, lack of time, support or other resources.

By identifying them, you can ask yourself what actions to take to counteract the effect they are causing on you and your actions.

The third. Know your own resources

This would consist of connecting to your internal resources.

That is, all your talents, abilities and skills that you may not be aware of right now and that you could use to boost the implementation of your project.

By being able to list them, you can evaluate which ones you are not using and that you could develop them to put them in your favor during your entrepreneurial stage.

The fourth. Discover the options of digital entrepreneurship

Not being clear about what we are going to face logically produces paralysis.

Especially when we only see what causes us fear, such as ignorance of the necessary technological tools or the perception of high competition.

Also knowing the opportunities currently offered by the digital market opens our eyes to new possibilities that perhaps we did not contemplate: tools that help automate processes, saving a lot of time and effort; ease of access to information, wide range of training and specialized mentors, etc.

By analyzing these four areas you will be able to have a complete image with all the necessary information so that you have clarity and from there decide, make the decision of where you are going to start working by developing your action plan

From there, your commitment to yourself and your project will be necessary to continue moving forward.

To help you carry out all this analysis, integration and elaboration of your action plan I have created a free training in which for 5 days you will be able to:

  • Identify what is preventing you from launching to undertake and develop your project.
  • Discover the resources that you have available to take another step in your business.
  • Clearly analyze your current situation and discover your next steps.
  • Have trust in you and your project again.
  • Understand what you should focus right now.
  • Your action plan for the next 3 months.