Being true that capacities and aptitudes are very important when evaluating candidates and to select those who meet the minimum training and experience, the determining factor is from work to gain a position in the company. Candidates with an excellent resume to fill a position may be less productive than expected if their emotional aspects and their work style do not adapt to the work context.

Revealing some type of inappropriate attitude of a worker can mean being left in a second or third place on the podium of the best candidates to enter the company, or it can even mean exclusion from the process. We detail the five most valued aspects in job interviews.


A vital aspect is the candidate’s curiosity and interest in the organization they want to join. A curious person will be able to look further away from their basic professional goals and, therefore, have more options to learn in less time how to work in the company in question.

In turn, a curious candidate will notice possible problems before that have gone unnoticed by others. It should be pointed out that this curiosity should not become knowing too much about the work that other people in the work environment do.


It corresponds to the ability to communicate important aspects, whether positive or negative, firmly but with adequate education. An assertive person does not hide any important information for fear of hurting another person.

If we refer to a job interview, an excellent way to demonstrate assertiveness is to refer without taboos to professional expectations and what is expected to be found in that company.

Los cinco aspectos más valorados en las entrevistas de trabajo


On many occasions, companies need candidates with availability to join immediately and sometimes they can wait for them to inform their companies. If the company has an urgent need to hire as soon as possible, it will prioritize among unemployed candidates who can be incorporated immediately.


A proactive attitude can be one of the best ways to earn a job with a company. A proactive candidate understands that the job interview is a space for dialogue, and not a monologue by each protagonist in which each person issues messages unilaterally. In addition to the communicative aspect, proactivity is reflected in the simplicity to propose solutions and contribute things that are not expected of the candidates.


As long as the candidate is in favor of any change or adaptation within the company, it will be a positive aspect to assess in the job interview. We talk about adaptability both to the current context and to the variations that may occur internally in the company depending on the needs of the same.