Surely you are considering changing jobs, starting from scratch, or doing something totally different from what you do now, and at the same time you have doubts, fears and questions. Abandoning the known is not always easy and requires a stage of analysis, reflection and changes.

The solution is to study all the options so that those doubts and fears disappear.

Years ago I went through the same thing and what helped me the most was to take the following points into account:

    • Where do I want to go? What experiences have motivated me the most and what abilities and strengths I have that differentiate me and make me unique? If in your case you want to change companies, ask yourself what type of company you would like to work for, what positions do you really want and what really motivates you. And ask yourself, what do you want to do the work for, what is the ultimate goal… help others, create something new, design something beautiful, reach goals, earn money…
      If you want to undertake, in addition to analyzing experiences, abilities and strengths, you can ask yourself if you would like to have an online business, a store, create a new product…
    • Find and model people who are currently doing the job you want so much. Ask them what the skills are and how they got there. If you want to start, talk to the one who has already done it and let him tell you about his experience. It is highly recommended going to entrepreneur workshops and do networking, a great experience.

    • Analyze your values ​​well. Many times we set a professional goal without having analyzed them. For example: you discover that your ideal job is a coordinator in a multinational in the advertising sector and you discover that a very important value for you is family. It is important that you become aware of your values ​​and take them into account when finding work during this new stage or undertaking.
    • Work with your fears, thoughts and beliefs that are the ones that most block the professional goals that we set for ourselves. The fear of failure is one of the biggest blockers of success, seek help to work it. There are many coaching tools that can help you and you can find them in coaching books or workshops.
    • Prepare the interview and learn new methods of looking for a job. It was recently in the news that this type of training increases your probability of finding a job by 14%. Seek career guidance from an expert who can make you go faster. In the case of undertaking, the ideal is to meet an entrepreneur who is a specialist in career guidance and entrepreneurship, this can help you in the start-up of your business.
    • Take action. Start creating plans and work on the commitment that is fundamental. Ask for help if you need it. In the exploration of talents and strengths you can be helped a lot by family members and closest friends, co-workers … Set goals and meet them with the goal of being better than you are today in 1 year.