When we consider a major professional change, such as undertake, many times we think that it will be very difficult (or impossible) for us.

We feel insecure, we doubt our abilities and have little confidence in ourselves in general.

And the problem is that we have identified with what we have done so far, and we believe that this is the only thing we know how to do or that it is the only thing we can be worth.

We do not recognize all of our resources, capabilities and talents. And that’s because we’ve disconnected from them.

We have forgotten our true value.

And sometimes it means that we settle for thinking that we cannot change our future because it is too late for us.

That includes resignation, longing for our dreams.

But we always have the possibility to choose.


We have the possibility to work for it if we have the courage to dare and make the right decisions with responsibility, even if it may be uncomfortable.

And for this you need to trust yourself, without feeling pressured by expectations or external evaluations, recognizing your true value.

This is precisely what I want to talk to you about today: your true value.

If you are able to believe in yourself, to recognize your value, you are in the right position to develop, expand and do whatever you want.

So don’t let anyone underestimate your value, much less yourself.

Once you connect with that value, you will always be able to grow, learn, develop.

The opinion of others cannot always be taken into account as absolute truth because it will not always be correct, since they think from their vision of the world, that it is not the only truth. You are your expert.

When you believe in yourself, you don’t need that external validation.

So, what do you do for life pretending that anyone determines your true worth?

That’s what the story I bring you today is about: the true value of the ring.

It is extracted from the book “Let me tell you”, by Jorge Bucay, which by the way is a real gem of reflections. I leave you the link in case you want the book.

The true value of the ring

-I come, master, because I feel so little that I don’t have the strength to do anything. They tell me I’m not good enough, that I don’t do anything well, that I’m clumsy and quite stupid. How can I improve? What can I do to be valued more ?

The teacher, without looking at him, said:

-Sorry, boy, I can’t help you, I must solve my own problem first. Maybe later… – And pausing she added – If you wanted to help me, I could solve this issue more quickly and then maybe I can help you.

-E..enchanted, master – the young man hesitated but felt that once again he was devalued and his needs postponed. “Good” agreed the teacher. He took off a ring that he wore on the little finger of his left hand and giving it to the boy, he added, “Take the horse that is out there and ride to the market.” I must sell this ring because I have to pay a debt. You need to get the highest possible sum for it, but don’t accept less than one gold coin. Go and get back with that coin as fast as you can.

The young man took the ring and left. As soon as he arrived, he began to offer the ring to the merchants. They looked at him with some interest, until the young man said what he wanted for the ring. When the young man mentioned the gold coin, some laughed, others turned their heads and only one old man was kind enough to take the trouble to explain that a gold coin was very valuable to give it in exchange for a ring. In his eagerness to help, someone offered him a silver coin and a copper pot, but the young man was instructed not to accept less than one gold coin, and he declined the offer.

After offering his jewel to everyone who crossed the market – more than a hundred people – and dejected by its failure, he mounted his horse and returned.

How much the young man would have liked to have had that gold coin himself. He could then have given it to the teacher to free him from his worry and then receive his advice and help. Entered the room. – Master – he said – I’m sorry, it is not possible to get what you asked me. Maybe I could get two or three silver coins, but I don’t think I can fool anyone about the true value of the ring.

“How important what you said, young friend,” replied the teacher, smiling. We must first know the true value of the ring. Reassemble and go to the jeweler. Who better than him to know it. Tell him you would like to sell the ring and ask him how much he will give for it. But no matter what they offer, don’t sell it to them. Come back here with my ring.

The young man rode again. The jeweler examined the ring by the light of the lamp, looked at it with his magnifying glass, weighed it and then said: – Tell the teacher, boy, if he wants to sell it now, I cannot give him more than 58 gold coins for his ring.

– 58 coins?! – the young man exclaimed.

– Yes, replied the jeweler- I know that with time we could obtain about 70 coins for him, but I don’t know… If the sale is urgent…

The young man ran excitedly to the teacher’s house to tell him what happened.

– Sit down, said the teacher after listening to him. You are like that ring: a jewel, valuable and unique. And as such, only an expert can truly evaluate you. What do you do for life pretending that anyone discovers your true worth?