It is always important to know each other well to face any vital or professional project in the best way. Examining our strengths and abilities is already a step towards personal and professional improvement. At the same time, before starting any coaching activity, it is essential that we banish any trait of pride from our mind and carry out a good personal analysis with the greatest honesty and sincerity possible.

In this way, we will achieve a skills map according to reality and work with it so that the limitations that we have been dragging so far disappear and new capabilities are glimpsed. Resumeget will help with this, by describing everything in a professional resume, you will receive that very skill map and will work with it further.

Do not confuse strengths with technical skills

With a healthy attitude, we can draw up the list of strengths and weaknesses that define us. The procedure is easy, but mentally it will help us to know who we are and where we want to go. Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman define virtues or strengths as “those abilities that can be acquired through the will, which represent positive personality traits”.

As a starting point, we write down the strengths we have on a sheet of paper. We must not confuse strengths with technical capabilities, so we must not copy what is in the curriculum. What we want to capture are our present capabilities, not the merits achieved in the past.

Technical skills

These are the knowledge that has been acquired through professional training, as well as learning through lived experiences and self-taught knowledge. There are people who do not have a professional title but have enough experience, which leads them to handle some processes with great skill.

┬┐Conoces tus habilidades y fortalezas?

Psychological skills or competences

Regarding psychological skills, it should be noted that people who have learned to manage themselves can achieve great goals. Those people who have great psychological skills and master self-control techniques develop any technical ability. Some examples of psychological competencies are the following: proactivity, use of emotional intelligence, assertiveness or a good attitude, among others.

Those people who have great psychological skills and master self-control techniques develop any technical ability

Personal skills best valued by companies

At present, professional competencies are as important as those personal abilities that show us and define us as people. Soft skills refer to personal skills and social skills that allow people to successfully integrate into the workplace.

  • Ease of teamwork: It involves adapting to heterogeneous groups, knowing how to reconcile very diverse ideas, developing the capacity for synthesis and not being biased by anything.
  • Leadership: The leader is capable of positively influencing others, he needs to be convinced himself first and possess many social skills. An organization with great leaders becomes unstoppable.
  • Proactivity: Take the initiative, anticipate the facts and take responsibility for what may happen.
  • Pressure tolerance: Know how to respond and work in situations with time pressure or under high demand.
  • Empathy: Knowing how to put yourself in the place of others is necessary to be able to make adequate decisions.